Wednesday, February 8, 2017

hey ,so everyone is all like  "school stinks," but it really does not. I mean , yeah learning can be boring but once you think about it , so is flipping burgers at Mc' Donalds. i have lots of friends who hated school , but they got more mature, and realized , i want to get a degree in college . but i can't do that without liking school. so you should get to like school,because it will help you later in life.

like school, or like flipping burgers - Marshall benton

so i was coming to school on the bus, and i heard the people behind me were talking about how they hated school, and so i turned around and told them what could happen if they didnt care orthey hated  school. i told them "look, im nottrying to be rude , but you should like school, because not just because that if you dont you might get a degree, but also , some of your friends you can only see at school. true, you can text or tweet or snap them,but that's not really real.